CAFETERIA MENU: Lunch for today is Chicken Parm Sandwich, Broccoli, Veggie Tray, Mandarin Oranges and Milk.  Breakfast for tomorrow is Waffle, Fruit, 100% Fruit Juice, Milk.   Lunch is Sloppy Joe, Tater Tots, Baked Beans, Veggie Tray, Applesauce and Milk.

BUISNESS AND PROFESSIONAL BREAKFAST: will be this Thursday.  A list of students that will be out for this event was sent to teachers yesterday.

7TH GRADE RETREAT will be on Thursday.

JR RETREAT will be Friday.

KAIROS TEAM MEMBERS will be out on retreat Friday.

MASS is today.  Check your schedule and ensure you are attending the correct lunch.  Please give your home room teacher the music templates so they can be recycled. Mr. Hainline and Mrs. Badovicks classes will be attending confession.

SENIOR AND JUNIOR GIRLS- Seniors will be hosting a self-defense class on Sunday November 21st from 1-4.  You will get a free t-shirt, learn how to protect yourself, and have fun with your friends.  Go signup!

TURKEY BOWL: Feathers are now on sale for the Turkey Bowl in your theology classes or the office for $1 each. Feathers will be picked randomly to determine who gets to compete in the Turkey Bowl. Proceeds will go towards the Piggyback Foundation

RECONCILIATION: Fr. Michael will be in the Chapel every Thursday at 7:40am to offer the sacrament of reconciliation.

HIGH SCHOOL ACADEMIC CHALLENGE: will be competing this Thursday at 10:00.

 DETENTIONS: will be served after school today with Nancy Miller in room 221