Flyer Family,

The beginning of the school year is fast approaching. Much work is being completed in order to be prepared for the start of school. As a school community, we are excited for the year ahead. Contained in this email are documents for parents to electronically sign, links to handbooks, and other important announcements for the 2021-2022 School Year.

COVID Protocols

As we plan and look forward to the upcoming school year, it is important to reflect on the success of last school year. Norwalk Catholic was open for 5 day a week instruction during a very restrictive time due to COVID safety. As a school community, we learned a lot about how to safely operate school through COVID. These lessons have positively impacted our decision making for the coming school year.

Please use the following link that outlines our COVID protocols: https://5il.co/wt3h Please note that these protocols are subject to change as needed or required. Any changes or updated information regarding COVID protocols will be communicated in a timely fashion.

In the letter you will see that mask wearing is currently optional. Those eligible and able to receive the COVID vaccine are encouraged to do so after thoughtful research. The COVID vaccine is not required nor is documentation necessary, unless needed for potential quarantining. The vaccine has been found to be morally acceptable by the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and our local physicians have endorsed the vaccine as seen in the letter in the St. Paul Catholic Church bulletin on August 8, 2021.

Norwalk Catholic recognizes both masks and vaccines are the decision of an individual and each family. Norwalk Catholic will respect each person’s decision as the guidance and requirements from the Diocese of Toledo permits and will also ensure that all in our Flyer Family respect those that may come to a conclusion that differs from their own on these issues.

Lunch and Breakfast

The new Fr. Tony Borgia kitchen is on track to be open for the beginning of this coming school year. As the cafeteria staff become trained and familiar with the new space, the old favorite hot lunches will make a big comeback this year.

As part of the government program for school lunch and breakfast, all Norwalk Catholic students are eligible to receive school breakfast and lunch at no charge for the 2021-2022 school year.

Although all students will receive meals at no charge - in order to qualify for student fee waivers and any possible future P-EBT cards, families must fill out a new free/reduced application for the 2021-2022 school year. Norwalk Catholic also uses our free/reduced percentages in many other educational programs and grants. All qualifying families help to create revenue for our school through federal government programs such as Title I and COVID relief programs. Please submit your family applications as soon as possible. Only one application per family is needed. Use the link below to complete the application online. If you have any questions please reach out to our business manager, Mr. Mike McLaughlin at mmclaughlin@ncsmail.org

Updated daily menu items for August and September can be found on the NCS website under the Dining tab. Menus are subject to change. The free meal waiver is for one full breakfast and one full lunch per student. All ala carte items will be charged extra.



This summer handbooks have been reformatted so that the common policies and procedures are at the beginning of each handbook. The building specific section of each handbook is labeled Appendix B. This is a step in bringing a consistent approach to sharing information across all buildings in Norwalk Catholic. The next section of this email will outline the electronic signature needed for the hanbooks. If you have any questions on the handbooks, please reach out to the appropriate building leader.

Early Childhood - Mrs. Gail Reynolds greynolds@ncsmail.org

Elementary - Mrs. Melissa Englert menglert@ncsmail.org

St, Paul High School - Randy Rair, Ph. D rrair@ncsmail.org


Norwalk Catholic continues to improve in providing information and forms electronically. As part of this effort, the Google Chromebook agreement and Student Handbook acknowledgement will be signed electronically. Below are the links for both of these documents.

Each of the forms in the links in the left column must be filled out for each student. When the form is submitted it will ask if you wish to complete another form. Clicking on it will take you to the top of a new blank form to complete. If you have questions regarding these forms please reach out to Mr. Ron Forrest at rforrest@ncsmail.org

Flyer Clubhouse

The Flyer Clubhouse is our before and after school care program for Preschool through 6th grade. The Flyer Clubhouse is open from 6:30 AM-6:00 PM. Some of the notable updates include a new fee structure for those that would like to pay for the entire year. This option includes a discount. Another improvement is the Flyer Clubhouse will be open during snow days as long as the county is not in a level three snow emergency.

Please visit the "Flyer Clubhouse Information" page by clicking the link in the left column


The excitement of the new school year can be felt through our entire community. The tenets of Joy, Kindness and Self-control call us, as disciples of Christ, to look out for each other and work together. Flexibility and collaboration continue to be part of what makes our school family great. Thank you for choosing Norwalk Catholic.

God Bless,

Martin Linder
Norwalk Catholic