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The Shop Program is pleased to introduce the latest fundraising app from Shop With Scrip! Download RaiseRight today in the Apple Store or Google Play. 

Start earning tuition credit today! Contact Kristen Penner, Shop Coordinator with any questions & to receive the
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"I was fortunate enough to start the Norwalk Catholic School SHOP program a year before my daughter started preschool. Her first year of preschool was paid for with the SHOP credits my family earned. This was such an easy thing to do and I was able to get my extended family involved too!." Current Parent

What is the shop with scrip Program?
We’re pleased to share with you some exciting information about a fundraising program that helps pay for your tuition. It’s called Shop with scrip, and it’s the fundraising program that works while you shop. Scrip is simply a word that means “substitute money” – in other words, scrip is gift certificates from national and local retailers. They’re the same gift certificates that you buy at the store. Many popular retailers participate in our Shop with scrip program including Kohls, Bob Evans, Walmart/Sams, Speedway, Olive Garden, Wendy’s and hundreds of others. We also offer many local retailers from the Norwalk area like Christian Roberts, Sheri’s, and Cameo Pizza/Eagle Creek Golf. You’re probably asking yourself how these stores help you raise money. It’s simple -- scrip participating retailers agree to sell gift certificates to our organization at a discount. Member families like yours buy the certificates for full face value, you redeem them for full face value, and you keep the difference as revenue towards the upcoming year’s tuition.

How do we register for the program?

Contact Shop Coordinator Kristen Penner at for information in how to register.

How do we place a shop order?
Shop orders are due Monday mornings by 9AM. You order can be sent to school with your child, dropped in the weekend collection baskets, or brought to either the St. Paul’s, St. Mary’s rectories. 1) Fill out a paper copy of the Shop Order Form. Send in the completed form with your payment either by cash or by check (made out to NCS). Forms can be printed out from the school’s website or picked up at your rectory or school offices. If it’s your first order, place your form and payment in an envelope labeled Shop. After this point, you’ll be provided with a brown Shop envelope which you should use to send in your orders. 2) After enrolling at, you can also place your order online. When doing so, you MUST pay one of two ways: (1) send in your payment as usual in a Shop envelope, (2) use Presto-Pay. Presto-Pay allows for your checking account to be directly debited; however, you must sign up on the website to have this ability. 3) If you need your gift cards faster than weekly, you can choose to reload certain gift cards, print out your own paper gift certificates using ScripNow, or show stores barcodes on your phone using ScripWallet. You’ll need to do this via the website and pay with Presto-Pay. Check out for more info about Reload, ScripNow, and ScripWallet.

What is
This is the website run by Great Lakes Scrip Company from whom we purchase our gift cards. Their website has lots of information, with lots of pictures. It also provides you specific explanations of PrestoPay and other unique, exciting features the system provides. If you choose, you can use the website to place orders as previously noted. However, even if you don’t want to place your orders online, please utilize the website to check your account information. You can see what your account balance is, check your orders, and see what sort of special offers the merchants may be offering.

What local grocers participate?
Miller’s offers a 9% rebate using a refillable gift card which you can purchase at the Service Counter before checking out. At Miller’s you can pay via cash, check, or credit card. You will need to fill out a green shop form. Schild’s IGA offers a 9% rebate using a refillable gift card which can be purchased at the Service Counter for $1.00. You can apply any amount to this card as needed and refill the card with more money as the balance runs out. If paying by cash, you will need to fill out a white Shop envelope. If paying by check at either store, please make your checks out to the Norwalk Catholic Shop.

How much tuition credit can we earn?
Profits are the discount determined by each merchant. Order forms show the profit a family will make with each order and these profits range from 1.74% up to 20% depending on the merchant. There is no limit to the amount of tuition profit you can earn and you are welcome to enroll your family, friends, and coworkers.

Administration Fee
There is an administration fee taken from every account at the end of the Shop year April 30th. This money goes to NCS as its share of the earnings from this fundraiser and for administering the program. This fee will be 12% of the total end of year earnings, which means that 12% of each family’s total earnings will go towards paying that fee.

How do we know how much tuition credit we’ve earned?
The Shop year runs from May 1st through April 30th. Credit earned during that time period is applied to the upcoming school year’s tuition. Earnings statements are sent to you at the end of the Shop year in May. Your credit will show up on your tuition bill in June. If you need to know your account balance or order history at any time during the year, you can either check your account information on-line or contact the coordinator. The website is

Our SHOP Volunteer Coordinator is Kristen Penner.  You can email:her at You can also reach her by calling and leaving a message at the SHOP Office at 440-552-2808.

What if we don’t have tuition expenses?
When registering, your earnings will default to your family’s tuition account. If you don’t have tuition expenses, you can select that your profits be applied to another family’s tuition account, the school’s tuition assistance program, or to your parish general fund (for St. Anthony, St. Mary, or St. Paul). Your account can be split if you would like for your monies to go into more than one account.

Please feel free to contact your Shop Coordinator any time you have questions or concerns:

Kristen Penner
Please text or call: 440-552-2808