August, 2021

Welcome to the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. Your class schedule, a supply list, and other pertinent information are included with this letter. We are looking forward to the opportunity to bring back some of the “normal” activities that were missed last year. Here is a list of events/general information to assist in making the transition to the new year successful.

Date & Time Event/Purpose Target Audience Location
Aug. 23-27 8 AM – 2 PM Load your locker All students JH/HS
Friday, Aug. 27 at Noon New Student Orientation
  • Meet staff
  • Loading of lockers
  • Learn expectations
  • Incoming 7th graders & parents
  • New students grades 8-12 & parents
  • HS Library
    Aug. 30 7:55 AM First day of school All students and staff JH/HS Report to homeroom
    Sept. 8 7:00 PM Back to School Night
    • Meet teachers
    Parents JH/HS
    Sept. 13 Picture Day Grades 7-12 HS Library
    Sept. 24 Homecoming Flyer fans Contractors’ Stadium
    • Incoming 7th Graders and Seniors: Be sure your shots are up to date. A list of immunization requirements is enclosed.
    • Dress Code: A copy of the dress code is also enclosed. Please note that the dress code is the same for all students in grades 7-12 this year.
    • Lockers: Locker placement has changed for some classes.
    • 7th Grade: (#500-568) – Basement of new building
    • 8th Grade: (#569-637) – North end of main hall (outside main office)
    • Freshmen: (#83-137) – Middle of main hall (by Rm. 221-222)
    • Sophomores: (#1-82) – South end of main hall (between Rm. 225-AD office)
    • Juniors: (#638-706) – North end of top floor (by Rm. 310-312)
    • Seniors: (#301-385) – South end of top floor (between Rm. 321-329)
    • Student School Google/Email Accounts: Reminder that for students in grades 7-10, the email/google account names changed on August 1 to: student’s registered first name, first letter of last name, last 2 digits of graduation year. Passwords for all students have been reset to first 3 letters of birth month, 1 or 2 digit birth date and 4 digit graduation year. (for 7th grader Jenny Doe who was born January 24, 2009, her email is: JenniferD27@ncsmail.org and her password is: Jan242027).
    • Athletic Ticket Prices: $6 at the gate for conference games for everyone. $4 student presale tickets are available in the office. These tickets can be used at all home games and at away conference games. Tickets for home non-conference games are $6 for adults and $4 for students.
    • EHOVE Theology: Classes for EHOVE Theology will be held on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday every week from 7:00 AM – 7:40 AM in Rm. 212. The first day of class will be Wednesday, September 1. Students will follow the SPH 2021-2022 calendar for required attendance dates.

    See you all on August 30 for the start of a new year.


    Randy Rair, PhD