2021 Agnes Stoll Riley Culture of Excellence in Teaching Award

Jen (Hipp) Sullivan, SPH ’03 alum, NCS preschool parent, and great-granddaughter of Agnes Stoll Riley attended the NCS teacher meeting held in April to present the award. “This year each and every one of our NCS/SPH teachers has done extraordinary things to make this school year happen. Some examples, but not all, include from the Early Childhood Center, moving and redesigning classrooms, socially distancing little ones and rotating A/B schedules. Elementary teachers had to keep students in their pods even for lunch and recess, adjust to a new pickup/drop off routine along with additional duties. Junior High and High School teachers gave up their classrooms and moved classrooms throughout the day, have been teaching in ninety-minute blocks and alternate A/B schedules to accommodate class sizes. 

All teachers have had to quickly adapt to technology, procedures, sanitation, in-person learners, remote learners and countless other changes. And you still find new ways to keep students engaged, focused and thriving. Great job!” 

Jen went on to say that she’s “been nothing but impressed with how you’ve all stepped up to keep the students and staff safe and healthy. I see how everyone has stepped up and picked up the slack when someone had to isolate or be in quarantine – you just make it work. You all have been using common sense methods that would make my great grandma Riley very proud. Teachers, staff, students and parents - you all have done a stellar job. You have all made this year happen. 

You are all essential. You all showed up each day to work. You have provided our students an excellent learning experience. You’ve rolled with the changes and have taken them in stride. You should all be extremely proud of yourselves. 

It’s because of this that all of you are being awarded the Agnes Stoll Riley Culture of Excellence in Teaching Award for this school year. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your hard work and commitment to the students and to education.” 

Each teacher at Norwalk Catholic School has been awarded the annual Agnes Stoll Riley Culture of Excellence in Teaching Award for this school year. The award recipients received a monetary award, certificate, a Christ as teacher icon and a Jenny Bakes apple shaped sugar cookie in honor of Agnes Stoll Riley.

Agnes C. Stoll Riley Culture of Excellence in Teaching Award

In 1923, Agnes C. Stoll Riley was the first valedictorian of St. Paul’s new four-year high school. She had assisted the sisters in preparing the criteria needed by the State of Ohio for the accreditation of four-year high schools. After graduating, she taught the 4th grade at St. Paul until she married James Riley and moved to Milan. Many of Agnes’ grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren have and will attended St. Paul.

Program Objective
To empower our teachers to be the best they can be, going above and beyond, emulating our Vision of a Family of Faith, a Culture of Excellence and a Calling to Serve; and supporting our Mission to Develop Disciples of Christ, Promote Academic Excellence, and Foster a Respectful Community.

The following criteria are not meant to be a minimum guideline or requirement, but rather a guide which will encourage nominations and assist the selection committee in designating awards. Focusing first on practical criteria should better enable candidates to achieve the more in-depth application-based criteria.

Applications are accepted from January to April.

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