A Message from Mr. Linder

April 29, 2020

Dear Flyer Family,
Happy Day of Virtue! As part of our Day of Virtue, and our upcoming Month of Prayer in May, an online pray board has been added to our school website for us to share prayer intentions and to pray for each other. Please take some time in prayer with these intentions from our Flyer Family. You can also request an intention be added on this page.
Click here for our virtual prayer board.

School buildings may be closed but our school is very much OPEN. I have been sharing this mantra over the past few weeks. Education looks very different than it did just 2 months ago. Together, our Flyer Family has risen to the challenge of online learning. There are many people to thank:
●Thank you to parents/guardians that continue to learn alongside their student. You have modeled patience, persistence, and perseverance as we transition to Google Classroom.
●Thank you to our students. You have stayed engaged in learning even with the distraction of being at home. Keep up the good work!
●Thank you to our teachers. You have redesigned your entire way of teaching to make sure our students and their families still have access to an exceptional Catholic education.
●Thank you to the support staff. You have been ready to do whatever it takes whenever it is needed.
●Thank you to the building leaders. You have been leading our teachers, staff, and families through this transition with kindness, calmness, and understanding.

Here are some resources to support online learning:

This video provides guidance on how to use Google Classroom from a student account
Click here for a video on Google Classroom

Request for Support using Google Classroom (request can be for your student or parents/guardians)
Click here to request support for Google Classroom

Mr. and Mrs. Clark are spreading cheer. The Clark's have made a wonderful video playing the fight song. It is great to see this level of skill and creativity in our school.
Click here for the Fight Song

We are in this together. I will be sharing information regarding the many decisions that need to be made in regard to the end of the school year as I am able. I appreciate everyone’s prayer and support as we work to ensure safety for all.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay positive!
St. Paul the Apostle...Pray for Us
St. Mary, Mother of the Redeemer...Pray for Us
St. Anthony...Pray for Us

Martin Linder
Norwalk Catholic School