St.  Paul High School and Junior High

Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2020


  • 1.PRE-SEASON training for baseball players will begin today at 3:30 PM at Contractor’s Park for those boys not involved in a fall sport.
  • 2.  PICTURE DAY is tomorrow.  Students may dress up for pictures. 
  • 3.  CELL PHONES must remain off during the school day with the exception of lunch time. 
  • 4.  STUDENTS arriving before 7:30 in the morning must report directly to room 221.  Please do not go to your locker or be in the halls before 7:30.
  • 5.  TEACHERS please remember to turn in your textbook loan forms.
  • 7. BOYS’ GOLF EARLY RELEASE today will be at 1:40.

9/8 AT 12:30 PM

9/10 AT 2:45 PM

9/14 – ALL DAY.  Names will be announced later this week.