St.  Paul High School and Junior High

Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020

Lunch menu:  Soft pretzel rods, cheese cup, celery, cookie.  The menu for tomorrow will be:  Banana bread, string cheese, yogurt, fresh vegetable, apple slices.


1.       Lunch price this year is $3.20 for students.  There are no lunch options at this time.  Lunch price for staff members is $3.85. 

2.      Parking Passes are available in the office for $2.00 for those who need them.

3.      7TH graders and seniors please bring in your updated immunization records.

4.      Girls Golf will need to be released at 1:45 today for a match. 

  • 5. Friday we will follow an “A DAY MASS SCHEDULE”.
  • 6.Pre-season training for baseball players will begin Tuesday, September 8 at 3:30 PM at Contractor’s Park for those boys not involved in a fall sport.
  • 7.  Boys Golf will be released early tomorrow at 12:15: 
  • 8.  Picture Day is September 9th.
  • 9.  2020 yearbooks are in. They will be passed out in your 4th period class on Friday.
  • 10.  Pre-season training for baseball will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 8th at 3:30pm at Contractor’s Park for boys who are not involved in a fall sport.
  • 11.  STUDENTS if you are picking up or meeting a younger sibling after school… MUST meet them in their section in the convo.  You may not be in the foyer or walking around as this holds up the dismissal line of cars.


  SENIORS                      JUNIORS                              SOPHOMORES                    FRESHMEN





8TH GRADE                                                                          7TH GRADE