Mapletree Road Race

The Mapletree Road Race is going virtual this year. You can help us out by participating and/or spreading the word through your social media accounts. Forward this email to those you think might be interested. Share our webpage and Facebook page on your social media. Below is a letter from Mark Bellamy ('71) who started this great event. Click below for links to our pages.

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We are reaching out to you as we approach the annual Mapletree Road Race to help promote a joint school/class effort for the Michael H. Hay Endowment and Entrepreneur Business Class (formerly The Business Club). The Endowment currently holds $92k (deposits from the prior three Mapletree Road Races plus other deposits) for funding the needs of the Entrepreneur Business Class and Michael H. Hay Scholarships in perpetuity. 

The Michael H. Hay Scholarship was established through the FCEDO Office at Norwalk Catholic School. Since its inception, 230 St. Paul Arts and Sciences students have received scholarships totaling over $144,500 which includes those awarded this year. These awards come from year-to-year contributions.

As if you didn’t already know, this year’s race is going to be different. The race will be virtual, which means anyone from anywhere can register, run or walk the race, and receive a 2020 Mapletree Road Race T-shirt in the mail for only a $20 adult registration fee. Additional donations are welcome and can be placed at time of registration for this year’s run/walk or at any time for that matter. Last year the race net proceeds were over $26,000 … in terms of an “in-person” event with sponsors who were not impacted by the virus. This year we think we will be largely dependent upon small donations from school alumni like you. We love our sponsors and will advertise to thank them for previous years’ support regardless of their ability to donate this year. 

Pam and I, along with many of the volunteers including the class of ’71, have put tons of work into making this a first-class event. One hundred percent of the proceeds from sponsors, donations, and registration fees (less modest expenses) will be paid into the Michael H. Hay Endowment. We know Mike touched classmates well beyond his ’71 class. Having more classes contribute would be inspiring in our mission to build this endowment. Any donation amount is appreciated. 

If you wish to donate, please go online to our website and click the donation link or register for the run/walk and make a small additional donation. 

We hope this letter finds you safe and well. If you have questions or need further information feel free to contact me at either or mobile at 678-761-7164. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Mark Bellamy ('71)