St. Paul High School ​Guidelines for re-opening of Athletics in Summer 2020

Guidelines for re-opening of Athletics Summer 2020

To:         St. Paul Parents, Coaches and Students
From:     Martin Linder, President              
John Livengood, Dean of Students/Athletic Director
Re:        St. Paul Athletics and Activities Re-Opening Guidelines
Published 5/29/20
Dear Flyer Athletes Families,  
We are prepared to begin a responsible return to athletic preparation. Please read the information in this letter for a detailed outline. Please know every effort is being taken to ensure health and safety of everyone. As you are all aware, the situation is fluid and we will continue to monitor and adapt as needed.  
Last week Governor DeWine, the Ohio Department of Health, the OHSAA and the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) allowed for the return to physical activity and building of team relationships with peers and coaches for the summer. State officials are allowing for a May 26th start. We are preparing for a June 1st start. This is a measured process that must take place in three phases. The goal is to allow students to safely return to and sustain athletic activity in all schools and communities. Decreasing potential exposure to respiratory droplets is the guiding principle behind social distancing and the use of face coverings. Cloth face covering should be considered appropriate in all phases of this return.  
Phase One basic guidelines are as follows (June 1st –June 14th): Every school/program should start at Phase One of this program and remain there for at least 14 calendar days. If there is a downward/flat trajectory of documented cases within a 14 day period, a school may progress to Phase Two, where a new 14 day period of tracking of cases should begin. If there is another 14 day downward/flat trajectory of documented cases, schools may progress to Phase Three.  
Summer participation for St. Paul students in grades 8-12 (students entering 7th grade and below will not participate in these phases of activity) will begin on June 1, 2020. Workouts and training sessions are considered voluntary and may not be used toward team or program selection.  Face coverings are required for all participants (coaches/advisors and students).  When the student begins conditioning or physical activity they may remove the face covering while maintain a social distance of 6 feet. While not participating in physical activity, such as before or after instructions or any time spent on the “sidelines” students are required to wear a face covering. Coaches are required to wear a face covering during all phases of instruction.   
Pre-Workout Screenings: All coaches and students will be screened for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 prior to a workout. Responses to screening questions should be recorded and stored for contact tracing purposes. Any person with a positive response on the screening should not be allowed to take part in the workout and contact their medical provider. Vulnerable individuals should not oversee or participate in any workouts in Phase One.   
Limitations of Gatherings: Gatherings should not consist of more than 10 people (coaches are included in this number) at a time (inside or outside) in one specific location. Social distancing of 6 feet must be maintained throughout workouts. Due to the size of the Fitness Center (10,000 square feet) it will be separated into two areas (weight room area and turf area) with a barrier hanging from the batting cage wire separating the areas making it two locations. The area will be well ventilated with exhaust fans on and doors open. The Monroe St. Gym will be utilized for gymnasium activities. The Convocation Center Gym is being used for Mass. The use of locker rooms is prohibited during Phase One. 
Facilities Cleaning: Facilities will be cleaned daily. Hard surfaces such as weight room equipment, benches, bathrooms and training tables will be sanitized before and after each use. Hand sanitizer will be available in all facilities is recommended before and during workouts.  Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. Cut off shirts, tank tops etc. are not acceptable. Students should shower and wash their workout clothing immediately upon returning home.   
Activity and Athletic Equipment: There should be no shared athletic equipment (towels, clothing etc.) between students. All equipment including balls should be cleaned after each use. There should be a focus on sub-maximal lifts and body weight resistance training. Spotters for heavy lifting will not be allowed.
Hydration: All students should bring their own water bottle. Water bottles should not be shared. The water fountain is not allowed for use and will be shut off.  

Phase Two (June 15
th-June 28th) will have some minimal relaxation of the guidelines. Up to 50 may gather outdoors maintaining a social distance of 6 feet. The limitation of 10 remains indoors. Balls may be shared between two people (playing catch, passing to each other etc. while maintaining a social distance of 6 feet). All other aspects of Phase One carry over to Phase Two.  
Phase Three guidelines must be approved by the Governor, the Ohio Department of Health and the OHSAA. If approved, we will be allowed to start competitions, summer tournaments etc.    Phase Three (June 29th and beyond) allows for gatherings of up to 50 individuals both inside and outside. Pre-workout screenings are still required. Gatherings of up to 50 people both inside and outside are allowed. Masks are no longer required. Facilities cleaning and athletic equipment is still required after before and after use. Full squad practices may begin. Maximal lifting with spotters is allowed. Students must still bring their own water bottles. Water fountains can now be used but cleaned intermittently. All other guidelines from Phase One will carry over focusing on cleaning of equipment and facilities.   

Coaching Days:
 While the OHSAA has allowed for an unlimited amount of coaching days this summer, St. Paul will limit these coaching days to 8 per sport.  Please note that actual coaching of a team (plays, defenses etc.) in a team setting cannot occur until Phase Three begins. Coaches may use coaching/instructional days during Phase One and Two must follow the restrictive guidelines. This leaves the month of July for team settings. Many of our students are multi sport athletes and it is not recommended that we try to fit an entire summer of learning into four weeks. Having respect for other programs and coaches, avoiding burnout by the athletes and not putting athletes in a conflicting situation are paramount. Coaches must work with the other coaches in avoiding conflicting situations and be willing to change or sacrifice. In the past, it is our school policy to have a no contact week around the 4th of July. To help alleviate the issue of minimal time for instruction we will allow for practices, lifting etc. the week of Monday, June 29th through Thursday, July 2nd. Beginning Friday, July 3rd and July 4th and 5th will be mandatory no contact days around the holiday.   

Specific Phase Guidelines and specific sport restrictions will be attached.  

Martin Linder     President                                 
John Livengood      Dean of Students/Athletic Director

St. Paul Athletics Re-Opening Guidelines General Guidelines

(To be enforced during all phases unless otherwise noted): These guidelines are taken from the OHSAA and the NFHS guidelines:

1)   Proper 6 foot social distancing – workout stations should be spaced at least 6 feet apart both inside and outside (Phase 1 and 2).
2)   All coaches and athletes/students must complete the monitoring form required by the NFHS and OHSAA before each session. These must be kept in a file by the coach and turned into the Athletic Director at the completion of the summer.
3)   Players must bring their own water bottles. Water fountains cannot be used.
4)   Players may only use the restroom one person at a time and must wash their hands and use hand sanitizer afterwards.
5)   No-touch rule – All coaches and athletes must avoid physical contact with each other including high fives, huddles, or any other close/physical contact (Phase 1 and 2).
6)   No congregating in one area before, during, or after the workout.
7)   Coaches and athletes must do self-symptom check before coming to the training session or practice including a temperature check. Anyone experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 must stay home.
8)   Face Coverings are required for coaches and athletes when arriving. Coaches must wear their face covering throughout while in contact with the athletes. Athletes participating in high endurance, lifting or cardio-vascular workouts should not wear a face covering during the workout.
9)   Equipment and items related to the activity must be sanitized before, during, and after all workouts.
10)  Facilities and workout stations will be adequately cleaned and sanitized before and after each workout session.
11)  Athletes and Coaches should wash hands with soap and warm water before beginning a workout or touching any surfaces.
12)  Hand sanitizer will be readily available.
*For the purpose of planning and structure this will be done in phases. Phase 1 will be considered June 1st-14th. Phase 2 will be June 15th-June 28th. Phase 3 will begin on June 29th ONLY IF we are given clearance by the State to resume competition.
Phase 1 Guidelines:
1)   No gathering of more than 10 people at a time inside or outside. (coaches count as part of the 10)
2)   Locker rooms should not be used. Athletes should report to workouts in proper gear and immediately return home to shower.
3)   Workouts conducted in “pods” if possible with same 5-10 athletes working out together at a time.
4)   There should be no shared athletic equipment (towels, shoes, clothing, or sport specific equipment) between athletes.
5)   All equipment, including balls, should be cleaned and wiped down after each use and prior to the next workout.
6)   Teams should adhere to the following sport specific guidelines provided by the NFHS; * A football player should not participate in team drills with a single ball that will be handed off or passed to other teammates. Contact with other players is not allowed, and there should be no sharing of tackling dummies/donuts/sleds. * A volleyball player should not use a single ball that others touch or hit in any manner. * A basketball player can shoot with a ball(s), but a team should not practice/pass a single ball among the team where multiple players touch the same ball. * Baseball and softball players should not share gloves, bats, or throw a single ball that will be tossed among the team. A single player may hit in cages, throw batting practice (with netting as backstop, no catcher). Prior to another athlete using the same balls, they should be collected and cleaned individually. * Wrestlers may skill and drill without touching a teammate. * Cheerleaders may not practice/perform partner stunts or building. (Chants, jumps, dances without contact are permissible.)
7)   All athletes should bring their own water bottles.
8)   Hydration stations should not be utilized.
 Phase 2 Guidelines:
1)   No gathering of more than 10 people inside (coaches count as part of the 10) Up to 50 may gather outside for workouts. Must maintain 6 foot social distancing.
2)   Locker rooms or meeting rooms can be used with proper 6 feet social distancing.
3)   Workouts still conducted in “pods” if possible.
4)   Athletes still encouraged to come dressed and ready for workouts and go straight home to shower after the workout.
5)   No shared athletic equipment such as towels, shoes, or clothing.
6)   All athletic equipment (balls, bats, batting helmets, catchers gear) should be cleaned between each use.
7)   All athletes should bring their own water bottles. 8)   Hydration stations should not be utilized.
 Phase 3 Guidelines (We will only move to this phase if cleared by State of Ohio and OHSAA):
1)   Gathering sizes of up to 50 individuals inside or outside.
2)   When not directly participating in practices or contests, care should be taken to maintain a minimum distance of 3 to 6 feet between each other.
3)   Full squad workouts/practices and team competitions can begin.
4)   No shared athletic towels, shoes, or clothing.
5)   Athletic equipment should continue to be cleaned and wiped down before and after each use and workout.
6)   All athletes should continue to bring their own water bottles.
 7)   Hydration stations can be used but will need to cleaned and sanitized after each use.