Senior Project helps Confirmation Class

Seniors Regan and Kaitlynn Olak completed their senior project this past February, that was held in conjunction with the St. Paul Confirmation Retreat.  Their contribution to the retreat was an Italian themed lunch that highlighted the importance of good decision making and how one's decisions affect themselves and others. However, there was a catch; as the whole menu was in Italian and they had to deciever what was what.  The lunch consisted of four courses all served by high school students that had fun playing along with the students, as they could not give away any secrets.  Some items on the menu included; soup, pasta, meatballs, ice cream, and eating utensils.  Confirmands labeled numbers 1-4 on the items they thought should be served at each course.  After every course, their entire table was cleared; including their silverware.  Allowing students to also practice problem-solving skills, as many received all of their utensils the first course and had to finish the rest of the meal with celery stalks we had provided for them to use or their hands!  We believe this activity was a good reminder that everyday we make choices and we have to live with those choices, especially as many of the confirmation students will be entering high school next fall.